Restart Your Curiosity

Visitors interact with collections in a new ways when exhibit space objects are enhanced with digital interactives. New stories unfold, enhancing and deepening the visitor experience.

  • Learn about details with heads
    up displays and audio.
  • Explore artifacts deeper with digital reading rails.
  • Create shared learning experiences
    with multitouch tables.

Rethink Your View

Observers traverse the cityscape before them with a touch or a zoom using digital viewing technology. Points of interest come to life with augmented reality technology, expanding the sightseeing experience to include greater depth and detail.

  • Explore the city with gigapixel panoramic viewers.
  • Control realtime camera views of the city.

Re-energize Collaboration

Engage students in the classroom and around the world. Body gestures and voice commands enhance communication and presentation tools; increasing efficiency, collaboration and interaction.

  • Give presentations intuitively using
    motion-gesture whiteboards.
  • Engage students with
    collaborative learning surfaces

Re-invent Gameday

Turn individual seats into miniature skyboxes with the aid of cutting-edge digital technology. Digital tools provide real-time statistics, customized game views, video replays and live game tracking.

  • Centralize the game details and audience
    participation on billboard-sized video walls.
  • Personalize the game experience with
    digital game viewers. (box seats)
  • Order drinks and view game information with
    multitouch coffee tables. (living space)

Re-engage Your Customers

Go beyond static displays and show real-time events, product details, and more. Captivate customers with gesture-driven information that stimulates their curiosity and interest in your products and services.

  • Lead customers through an immersive
    product experience.
  • Captivate audiences with eye-catching
    multitouch surfaces.
  • Aerial View: click to view larger image.
  • Dahlia Design: click to view larger image.
  • Doosan Haeundae Zenith: click to view larger image.
  • Gardens & Groves: click to view larger image.
  • Indiana Convention Center: click to view larger image.
  • Visit Indy: click to view larger image.
  • Wooden Dome: click to view larger image.

We Re-imagine the World

ArchitectureConnected expands what is possible with people, architecture and technology. The spaces we design encourage social interaction and collaboration, inviting people to interact with each other in innovative and meaningful ways.

Our two organizations bring together expertise in the areas of architecture and design with a strong emphasis on emerging technology. Our technological experience focuses on custom hardware and software development including multiuser/multitouch installations, motion recognition, augmented reality, and other HCI (human computer interaction) methodologies.


Our Story

RATIO Architects and Ideum's combined experience can help create engaging, interactive spaces. Our multidisciplinary team understands the dynamics of the built environment and the challenges of integrating interactive technology.

We believe in bringing people together with captivating technology and provide our clients with creative technologies to tell their stories.

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